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abutilon2.jpgFlowering: April to September

Family: Malvaceae (Malvaceae)
Country of origin: tropics, subtropics

Another name is Abutilon Room maple.

Abutilon is an evergreen tree up to 80-120 cm. Its leaves are fuzzy and colorful klenovidno or green. There fragile stem. Abutilon growing rapidly.

These Malvo are particularly charming with its various colors: white, yellow, pink and red. A. megapotamicum corrupts beautifully manicured flower bells combined with yellow and purple glasses. The plant begins to bloom in the spring, all the way to late summer. The little tree that was in the room can become a tree, there is a velvety soft, downy leaves.

Growing Abutilon:

Place of Abutilon:
This is a tropical plant and needs a lot of sun. Prefers to sit on the balcony or terrace. It grows well in a warm room, but winter at 12-15 ° C, otherwise next year will not bloom. Plants that have wintered in a warm, can be attacked by mites or lice. They leave out Abutilon summer and in winter, store it indoors. Then it is necessary that it be provided stationary and the temperature be in the range of 12-15 degrees.

Temperature Abutilon:
During the summer months watch the temperature is around 22-26 degrees. As noted above winter time should be 12-15 degrees. This helps the next bloom.

Humidity Abutilon:
Prosyavayte Abutilona periodically. This for him is very useful. The moisture content should be high. In the absence of dew say yet leaves begin to fall off.

Light Abutilon:
Abutilon loves lots of light. Watch, however, do not directly burn the sun. This can result in drying of the leaves. You can place it in dappled shade. Abutilon prefers areas with oriental exhibitions.

Watering Abutilon:
During the summer months Abutilon Water thoroughly. Try to avoid prepolivaneto. During the winter months pour a bit like watching the dust is dried before the next watering. Prepolivaneto and lack of watering can be fatal to Abutilon and to fall off the leaves and flowers. Prepolivaneto or dry soil can cause rot, defoliation or flowers or buds.

Fertilizing Abutilon:
During the growth of Abutilon need to be dressed for 9-11 days. Use fertilizers (organic) for flowering plants with added minerals. Organic fertilizers do not bring more than once for the summer. This can be dangerous to Abutilon. During the winter months, after storing the plant is necessary to stop fertilization.

Diseases and pests Abutilon:
The most common pests are Abutilona mites, whiteflies, Pamukliyki, thrips, aphids., Shtitonostni lice and mite paytsinoobrazuvasht. In older plants are less vulnerable, but young and weak plants may die in the absence of reaction. Upon detection of pests should clean all the infested leaves both sides with a soapy sponge. For large lesion need to use insecticide. In the attack of red mites need to increase the humidity of the plant.

Replanting Abutilon:
Replanting Abutilon each spring. Use the new rich and permeable soil. Watch the new pot of Abutilon be slightly larger than the old, as beautiful and abundant flowering is achieved only when the roots of the plant are tightly covered the soil. When repotting, use the following configuration of the soil - peat: compost: forest soil: leaf of sand in the following ratio 1: 1: 1: 1: 1.

Crop Abutilona:
Cropping Abutilon achieved a long flowering period. Pruning around mid-summer mid July early August by cutting all defoliated, dead or overgrown branches. Healthy trim the branches of one third of their length.

Care Abutilona:
From March to August Malvo watered thoroughly and dressed each week. In other months, watering is highly limited, and fertilization is stopped. Plants that were grown out and too much can be trimmed in the fall before winter refer to their accommodation. In the spring transplant into fresh garden soil. We encourage you to improve it a little bus.

Propagation of Abutilona:
You can reproduce Abutilona by seeds or cuttings. Sorotvete are leafy green you can multiply both ways and pastrolisnite mainly through cuttings. In breeding ground must have a temperature of about 22-25 degrees and the humidity is high.

Propagation by cuttings of Abutilon:
Place the cuttings in water or wet sand. Do this in the spring, in exceptional cases during the rest. Perfusion good young plant to get well branched Koran. Trim raztenieto in late September or early October in exceptional cases during the rest at your own discretion. If necessary, place the support of the stem. The soil mixture should be sand and forest soil.

Propagation by seed of Abutilon:
In the spring sow seeds. They will germinate in about 20 days. Use sandy soil having the seed covered by a layer of a few millimeters. Once seedlings strengthen him dive in pots.

Council gardener:
If Abutilon stay permanently in the room is good from time to time to irrigate.

Some species Abutilon:
- Abutilon 'Bella'
- Abutilon 'Maximus'
- Abutilon 'Giant'

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