Abelia floribunda

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abelia11.jpgFlowering: July to August

Family: Caprifoliaceae
Country of origin: Mexico

Abelia comes from the southern parts of Asia and in particular from the subtropical and areas. Can I met Abeliaia and in large parts of Mexico and North America. It is a wonderful multi-shrub with a height of 150-550 cm. You can grow as a house plant Abelia or balcony flowers.
Abelia recommend for experienced and demanding friends flowers. In this case it is a sub-tropical plant with outstanding color (similar to kolumneyata).

Leaves Abelia are tapered towards the top, the oblong and are arranged opposite each other and circumferentially. Coloration and color are glossy and dark green.

Abelia colors are large and very fragrant. It attracts a lot of bees and butterflies. Are five (5) fused lischeta. They are amazing together clusters. Color color Abelia white. There are some exceptions in which color can be pink or yellow.

Abelia blooms between April to end of septemvi and early October.

Raising Abeliaia:
Location of Abeliaia:
Abeliaia loves bright places where no direct sunlight.
The flower is suitable for light staircase for guests and unheated bedrooms, provided that he did not change the location. In the summer Abelia likes to be sunny, airy and warm, about 20 ° C, and in winter - cool, around 12 ° C.

Fertilizing Abeliaia:
Tories need to Abeliaia with organic and mineral fertilizers. We need to stop fertilizing in winter.

Watering Abeliaia:
When Abeliaia no specific requirements and watering. During the summer watering more often and sprayed with cold water. In winter, reduce watering and watering when knocked withered.

Soil Abeliaia:
In Abelia soil must be waterproof and dense. It should have enough nutrients. The soil must be low acid between 5-6 pH.

Transplantation of Abelia:
Abelia grows quite quickly. Therefore prichnina can nalizhi transplanting it quite often. Sometimes you may need to replanted twice a summer. Under normal conditions Abelia transplant two - three years.

Diseases and pests of Abelia:
Abelia is quite attacked by pests flower. Came at her thrips, date satellite lice, mites, scale insects, and others. Abeliaa also used as food for the larvae of moths lot. For this look to fight off pests to not infect your other plants.

Abeliaia Care:
During flowering should maintain uniform soil moisture in winter watering almost stopped. Then you have to completely cancel fertilization. If necessary replanted plant, after pass away in a homogeneous soil.

Propagation Abelia:
Reproduction takes place in the summer of clusters / cuttings at least 20 ° C. You can reproduce by seed and Abelia. They sow in permeable and loose soil to a depth of about 12-15 cm. It is necessary to water thoroughly to its growth.

Rooted Abelia:
Rooting Abelia made from early spring to late summer. For rooted Abeliaia need to use peat, sand (wet) and cape.

Council gardener:
Lovely flower bells stand out particularly well in hanging pots.
Some species Abeliaia:
• Abeliaia engleriana - (Sichuan, China)
• Abeliaia fargesii - (Japan)
• Abeliaia floribunda - Mexican Abeliaia (Mexico)
• Abeliaia forrestii - (China)
• Abeliaia integrifolia - (Japan)
• Abeliaia ionostachya - (Japan)
• Abeliaia macrotera - (China)
• Abeliaia mexicana - (Mexico)
• Abeliaia mosanensis - (Korea)
• Abeliaia occidentalis - (Mexico)
• Abeliaia parvifolia - (China)
• Abeliaia serrata - (Japan)
• Abeliaia tomentosa - (Japan)

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