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Kniphofia name comes from botany Johann Knifof. Another name is the three-volume. Kniphofia originates from the island of Madagascar, Central and Southern Africa. This flower is about 70-80 species.

Kniphofia is a perennial flowering shrub that under normal conditions reaches from 50 cm to 130 cm. A prima vista our attention is directed to the leaves that are tubular and sword-shaped and quite extended. Their shape is triangular. Kniphofia colors of blooming red or yellow, but there are cases when they are two colors - orange at the top and yellow at the bottom. Kniphofia blooms from the beginning of July to end of August. The size of the clusters occasionally up to 25 cm. Roots Kniphofia (three volumes) are yellow fleshy, thick and make reed joints.

Growing Kniphofia:

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