Ismene (Hymenocallis) Festalis

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Wednesday 04 February 2015 - 08:52:24

Ismene (Hymenocallis) Festalis

Ismene originates from South America, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Africa. This is a perennial flower bulbs family. Its colors are incredibly beautiful and delight the eye. They are white and are similar to the colors of daffodils and lilies. That accounts for its other names: Peruvian daffodil, narcissus summer, sea daffodil and lily payakovidna. Blooms in white and yellow in the period from May to September. Like the beauty of the colors, the scent is amazing. Ismene can reach a height of 50 cm. Cut flowers of Ismene endured much in a vase.


Ismene loves sunny and podvetrivo place. Likes to be windy. Choose its sheltered sunny spot. It is better to grow flowers in pots, as hard prizimuva in our yards. You easily th winter to go home.

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