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leucanthemum6.jpgLeucanthemum is a flower of the genus Asteraceae. Water and garden room and a flowering perennial plant.

The name of Leucanthemum comes from Greece, or rather from the Greek word used for Pearl. Leucanthemum are part of a large family Asteraceae. You can see and find Leucanthemum in the central parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region of Europe (Spain, Italy, the Mediterranean islands). Whole family of Leucanthemum includes perennial grasses and annual herbaceous plants with inflorescences resemble baskets. Center Color Flower has a basket with tiny golden yellow flowers. On the periphery of color blooms are red, pink and mostly white. The dimensions of the color of Leucanthemum reaches from 1.5 cm to 11 cm. Sometimes you can see a pretty big Leucanthemum flowers. The height of the whole plant also varies from nevzrachkite 10 cm to 65 cm giant. Flowering Leucanthemum starts from mid to late May and the end of August, beginning of September. In the family of Leucanthemum can find small drebosacheta are at a height of 8-10 cm and grow lush meadows.

Leucanthemum is a symbol of purity, joy, the love and innocence. This is why it frequently presents at weddings. Leucanthemum's favorite wizard of love (loves me, loves me not). The plant was extremely popular during the Middle Ages.

Leucanthemum is close to the so-called Summer Chrysanthemum. It is a perennial raztenie with large flowers that resemble those of Leucanthemum.

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