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Passiflora is wood Liana family Passiflora which in some cases can reach a height of ten meters. It originates from the tropics and subtropics of America. Some of these lianas are bushes, others are grown in pots, others may give a cloud desktop quarters katerlivo. Passiflora has about 520 species, most often you I met the so-called Blue Passion.

Passiflora name comes from missionaries from Spain. Its name comes from the Latin word passio and flos which respectively mean "suffering" and "flower."

Colors of passion flower laden tremendously throughout Liana. It is long and luscious. If properly grow passion flower colors and can reach up to ten (10) inches in diameter. These colors can be pink, white, purple, red, blue and yellow. Passiflora bloom almost all year round without winter. Flowering and beginning early May and ends the end of septemvi and early October.

The fruits of some of the passion flower are edible. Usually offered as an exotic dessert. An example is the passion fruit.

Someone also known types:
- Passiflora edulis - this is Passionflower which has purple and white colors.
- Passiflora incarnata
- Passiflora holosericea
- Passiflora karwinskii
- Passiflora caerulea - that's Passion which has a blue violet and white colors. This Passion is one of the most hardy. Withstand -15 degrees.
- Passiflora violacea - this is Passionflower which has purple flowers.

How growing:

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